How Much Does It Cost to Have a Carpet Professionally Cleaned in Dublin?

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While taking care of your carpet will help it stay fresh and attractive for longer, you will almost certainly need to engage professional carpet cleaning services at some point.

Perhaps you dropped a glass of red wine on your priceless carpeting. During a birthday party, perhaps a child spilled a piece of chocolate cake on the carpet. Or maybe the dust, crumbs, and pet hair have accumulated to the point that your vacuum and standard cleaning tools can’t keep up.

Keeping your carpets clean isn’t only a question of appearance; it’s also an issue of health. Any dust, filth, or debris trapped in your carpet can degrade the air quality in your home, causing respiratory problems and skin irritation. It’s worthwhile to invest in a carpet cleaning service that will conduct a thorough job of cleaning and stain removal utilizing methods like steam cleaning and hot water extraction.

What Factors Affect Carpet Cleaning Prices in Dublin?

The cost of a carpet cleaning service in Dublin is determined by a variety of factors.


Synthetic carpets are more stain-resistant and easy to clean than natural carpets. Often, spot cleaning is all that is required to restore a synthetic carpet to its former glory. A carpet made of natural materials, on the other hand, usually necessitates the use of specialized cleaning chemicals and meticulous maintenance.


In Dublin, most carpet cleaning businesses charge by square metre. As a result, the larger the carpeted area, the higher the cost of the service. A typical bedroom with wall-to-wall carpeting will cost between 30 and 50 euros to clean. If you require carpet and upholstery cleaning during your service, the cost can range from 300 to 400 euros and above.


When offering you a price, most carpet cleaners will take into account the home of your carpets. The cost of service may be higher if you have really old, neglected carpeting with several tenacious stains.


There are some locations that are more costly than others. Because Dublin is Ireland’s most costly city, residents should expect to pay more to have their carpets cleaned, whether they choose a service that charges per square metre or a fixed day rate.


Because narrow stairwells and tiny attics are more difficult to clean, professional cleaning services may charge more to clean these parts of your home.

What Should You Be Expected to Pay?

After taking into account all of these factors, here’s a preliminary estimate of how much professional rug cleaning will cost.

  • 25-35 euros for a small bedroom
  • 30-50 euros for a large bedroom
  • 40-60 euros for a living room
  • 80-100 euros for an open-plan living and dining room
  • 35-45 euros for the stairwell and landing
  • 150-180 euros for a small two-bedroom home (about 65 square meters).
  • 220-270 euros for a three-bedroom home (about 100 square meters).
  • 300-400 euros for a four-bedroom home (about 150 square meters).

How Frequently Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned?

This question does not have a one-size-fits-all response. The best rug cleaning schedule is determined by the number of people that live in your home, including children and pets, the amount of foot traffic in specific areas, and whether or not you have a no-shoe policy.

The majority of people get their carpets professionally cleaned twice a year. You can keep your carpets in good shape between thorough cleanings if you vacuum regularly, swiftly wipe up any spilled liquids, and spot-clean as needed.

What is the Purpose of a Carpet Cleaning Company?

The majority of experts use a van-mounted industrial steam cleaner. The hose from the cleaner enters the house through a door or window close to the target area. These heavy-duty carpet cleaners are fantastic at eliminating dirt and bacteria from carpets.

Chemical cleaning or encapsulation are two other options. After the cleaning chemicals have surrounded and absorbed the stain, they dry and crystallize, making them easy to remove with a simple vacuum.

It may astound you to discover how much better your rugs look after the cleaning crew has visited your home. You’ll probably notice brighter colors and a better overall appearance. Specialized equipment can remove an incredible amount of filth, grime, and bacteria.

Professional cleaning teams with extensive industry experience produce considerably superior results than do-it-yourself alternatives.

How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaners in Dublin

How do you pick a carpet cleaning company in Dublin when there are so many? Customers will typically leave good evaluations for market leaders in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. Their team is well-versed in carpet cleaning, has familiarity with commercial carpet cleaning equipment, and has years of experience in the field. They concentrate on offering quality service at reasonable pricing, and they frequently have special offers for new customers.