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Q & A

How often should a carpet be cleaned?

Depending on your home life such as pets children etc. you can have your carpets cleaned as often as you want it done ,our system deep cleans your carpet and removes house mites dust mites and over 85% of all allergens so you can comfortably leave them 12 months or until soiled.

Are there any risks to the carpets with your organic cleaning methods ?

Non whatsoever. Our unique dry  organic product is recommended for delicate fabrics such as Persian carpets and natural fibre carpets like coir or sisal. our products are selected for your carpets, removing the risk of damage which can be caused by chemicals or heavy water usage.Leading carpet manufacturers recommend carpets cleaned by our system as it leaves carpets  dry/damp  and deep cleaned.

How long does it take the carpets to dry ?

Using the dry cleaning method There is NO DRYING TIME NO WAITING your carpets are  dry when we have finished cleaning them and there is no need to put anything under furniture to prevent wickback .this system is best on fairly clean carpets with no bad stains otherwise we use our water extraction system that deep cleans using organic products and leaves the carpets damp and fresh smellingdring in about 1 1/2 hours. 

Are your products safe to use ?

Certainly !! children and pets can walk and play on the carpets as soon as we have finished cleaning them. They also help people with chest problems as our systems use HEPA filters to remove the allergens from your carpets and prevent them getting back into the surrounding air.

What areas do you work in are you too far away to clean my carpets ? 

I am willing to travel to clean carpets provided you have the whole house done ( which works out cheaper in the long run ) a 3 bed house  would cost £130 i am quite happy to travel upto 40 miles from my base if the work is viable. 

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